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Being involved in a car accident is indeed frightening and these unexpected things leave you in extensive trouble. Getting an accident where you are at fault, can be worse. What should be the major steps to be taken at the times of accident? What trouble can it create, if you don’t have a reliable auto insurance? To what extent it can trouble you if you aren’t aware of the measures, to be taken at the time of accidents. Below is the explanatory detail about the steps that are necessary to limit the damage.

Things to do at the time of the accident

Don’t run. Stay!

The first important thing is to stay at the scene of the accident. Running from the problem can create massive problems for you in the future so it’s wiser to stay calm, relax your nerves, and just stay on the scene.


Check for injuries:

Before you check the damage being done to your or their car, ensure that everyone is safe from any sort of injury at the scene of the accident. Remember, a car can be bought alone, but a life lost can never be. Your life is precious as their does. Call an ambulance if there is an injury and try your best to provide immediate assistance at the scene of the accident. Above all things, humanity is what matters.  Avoid moving anyone who seems to have a neck or a head injury. Wait for the ambulance and stay positive.


Call the police:

No matter how low your trust is on the police, still it’s wiser to call the police immediately. When police arrive, request them to file a report for the accident. Don’t forget to ask for the names and badge numbers of the policemen.


Take information:

The very next step would lie in collecting driver license, name, vehicle number etc. of the people, who were directly or indirectly involved in the accident. Do a comprehensive collection of every sort of details of even the passengers. Don’t apologize. I know it’s good but it leaves an impact that you are at fault. Don’t give anyone a chance to gather prove against you otherwise it would create problems for you.


Talk with the witness:

Speak to the people who were at the scene and take their statement. This will help you build a strong case as witnesses are one of most powerful thing, every court admires. Remember to record their names, address, contact no, and other relevant information. If you can record their statement that would be a plus point.


Call your insurance company:

Don’t wait to go home, call insurance at the time of the accident. Tell them everything about the accident even if it’s your fault. Be honest and let them know the damage been done to your car. Some insurance companies support an online form of accident, if your does, fill it at the spot and wait for the relevant authorities to call you. The longer you will wait to file, the more problems it will create for you.


Record medical expenses:

Your injury medical expenses are to be paid by the insurer. Record every bill; from the bills of the chiropractor to specialist, make sure you have all of them in the record. Keep track of all the bills and then show it your insurer. This will minimize any chances of delinquencies and the more medical documentation you have, the easier your claim will be.  


Photograph your vehicle damages:

Now the next important steps would be photographing your vehicle damages. Whatever damage your vehicle has encountered, capture it. This will help the insurer to know about the damages being done at the time of an accident and those which were before the accident.


Get an assessment of your vehicle by the insurer.

Your insurance company may send a person to inspect your car from every way possible. If you aren’t satisfied with their assessment, then you may consider doing it independently. Take your car to the repair shop and take an estimate of repairing.


Hire an attorney if in case:

If you are at fault, then the need to hire an attorney is immense as otherwise, it may create trouble for you. In this case, don’t talk to the insurer without your attorney. Secondly, be careful with your words when describing the accident in detail to your insurer. Don’t pull out any word that can create a possibility of you paying for the damage. Don’t make yourself liable to pay something, which has to be paid by the insurer.


Hiring an attorney is always something that makes you safer in car collisions. The attorney is responsible to talk to the insurance company about the car accident and the thing that led to the accident. A good attorney will not reduce your liability but also it will prevent you from being found at-fault for the accident. If you don’t have the right auto insurance, problems may grow for you leaving you with no option other than paying the damage from your own. Buy a good auto insurance and be safe.



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